ArcGIS API For Javascript:
Major World Cities

Eric Samson | 2.10.2020

For personal web mapping projects, I've typically leaned on the Leaflet API. At work I use the ArcGIS API for Javascript, but I only use a fraction of its capabilities. To dive deeper into the API, I found a fun and helpful walk-through created by Raluca Nicola.

I followed her guide, but also added pop-ups for the major cities and changed the coloring to add my own style to the application. I definitely plan on utilizing the SceneView function for 3D applications again in the future. I especially enjoy how this design looks; the map UI and background have been removed and replaced with a color gradient for a simplified view. Check out the live version here! You can also view the code on my Codepen:

See the Pen ArcGIS Globe! by Eric Samson (@EricSamsonGIS) on CodePen.

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